Reasons why companies prefer LinkinJobs for their hiring needs

A good Referral program turns your employee & your competitor’s employee into a potential Recruiter to source you best Talent from Industry in minimum turnaround time

LinkingJobs is a unique social referral based recruitment consultancy provides you passive candidates beyond job portals

We are recruitment consulting firm, focused to help companies on key issues around Hiring solutions

  • The problem we are solving::

    We believe thereason most companies continue to struggle to close the positions because thesource of resume database of whole recruitment industry is centralized with afew famous job portals. So in this scenario, it doesn’t matter which consultantis sourcing your candidates, the reason all consultants have same data pool toshortlist candidates, With our unique social referral ATS, not only do wedeliver high curated profiles, but also help you reach out the larger pool ofpassive profiles that cannot be found on job portals 

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LinkingJobs is a unique social referral based recruitment consultancy provides you passive candidates beyond job portals

How we do it,

  • Ones we receive openings from company, we feed job to our ATS with a certain amount of referral amounts (referral amount is the money we pay to individual for providing candidate references) 

    The Individual receives emails & reminders of Job details & reward amounts, they can apply or refer someone from their social network, 

  • Our ATS generates traceable job referral links with each social share so keep track of which candidate is referred by which Individual

    LinkingJobs’s Referral ATS, leads to generate multilevel job seeker references as its viral by individuals by 6 unique ways by using direct resume uploads, LinkedIn,G+, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp

  • We inbox, you the right talent Filtered by Machine & shortlisted by Humans 

    (a)Automate Filtered by linking jobs’ recruitment algorithms Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) 

    (b)Re shortlisted by Recruiters (human judgment) for best cultural fit

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  • A good referral program turns your competitor's employee into a potential recruiter to source you best talent from industry in minimum turnaround time

  • Engage the passive candidate in your recruitment process that is not in any job portals,  (2.6% duplicity  against other sources of hire, which means 97.4% are unique applications)

  • No additional charges, we do it all to bring you hidden passive candidates to your team on an end to end consulting charges bases only.

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